Life Insurance vs. Life Assurance

I grew up the son of an Insurance broker.   During my working career, I have been an insurance broker for home/auto insurance, and I have held a life insurance sales license.   Over the past six years, I have worked in IT/IS for large insurance and financial services companies.  I have spent years in the heart of enemy controlled territory. 

During these six years, I have learned that these companies are teaching consumers that it is a good idea to a good retirement plan to build a large sum of money for a comfortable and fun retirement.  Also that I need to have insurance policies to protect my worldly goods and even to protect my life if I die early.

The world tells me that it is a good idea to be ready in case something happens to interrupt my plans of a comfortable life and a luxurious retirement.

The people of this world are missing the point.  They are snared in the trap of the enemy.   With blinded eyes and hardened hearts, they seek material possessions to define themselves.  The point of this life is not stuff.  The material stuff of this world is kindling for the fires of hell.  No the point of this life is Jesus Christ.

I am going to share with you something that I have that is the most valuable and precious to me.   It is my life assurance policy issued by God through Jesus Christ. 

As a Christian, I have realized that I am a hopeless sinner and that following this world leads on the fast track right to hell.  I had a massive sin debt that no insurance would cover and that no financial plan could fix.  I needed a Savior and praise be to God I found one.  God's only son, Jesus Christ died on a cross to pay the price for my sins.  I just needed to admit that I needed help, believe in Jesus as my personal savior, and cry out for forgiveness.   Praise God. I did that!

The blood of Jesus Christ has cleared my massive sin debt and spared the punishment of hell.   I am an adopted child of God.  I will still stumble like a child, but God loves me no matter what.  I will still struggle with sin, but God's grace is greater than my sin.  I can joyfully say that no matter what I am a child of God and no power of this world or evil can change that.  I have full assurance that I have been saved!

What a life assurance policy indeed!  This gift from God is available to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as his or her Savior and asks for forgiveness.

My question to you is.  Do you want life insurance for this worldly life or do you want life assurance for eternity?


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